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One of my favorite things to do when I go out with my friends is to go see a movie. It doesn’t matter really what kind of movie we go and see, all that matters is that I’m watching it with people I like.  

If I had to choose what kind of movie to see, I would probably choose a comedy movie or an action movie. Those are my two favorite genres of movies. When I watch a comedy movie that I really like, I won’t stop laughing. It actually can get louder than than the movie sometimes.

When I watch action movies, I make all these really weird sounds when really cool things happen in the movie. This also sometimes can get louder than the movie. This one time I did it so loud that I got kicked out of the movie. Longest wait ever by the way.

Overall, movies are definitely one of my favorite things to do. 


An Original Poem

I’ve been trying to write an original poem. Everyone I think of, you guys already know em. Ideas keep tossing and turning in my head, but by the time I’m ready to write them down, I’m already asleep in my bed. When I wake up in the morning and the ideas are gone, I yell to myself  “Oh Jack, COME ON.” Then when I get a great I idea and write it down, I feel like I need to take a night out on the town.




Media and a Memory

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Denise Rowlands via CompfightWhen I was a kid, my favorite toy that I remember was my BB gun. I used to take it hunting and while my dad shot his real gun I would shoot mine and pretend that I was the only one who shot.

I was actually a pretty good shot with my little Red rider BB gun. I could pop a can from like 70 yards out. I loved that thing so much. My fun ended though, when I trespassed onto a golf course and got it taken away by security. I never saw it again.  red rider



To me, Istagram is probably one of my favorite apps I have on my iPhone. I am on that app more than any other app I have. It is really fun to go on because there is always something fun to look at.
Instagram is fun, you get to share and express yourself with the photos and videos that you post. It kinda funny sometimes, a lot of people are so worried about how many likes they get on their photo. It a perfect example of how so many people care about how much everyone likes them. Over all though, Instagram is a very cool and exciting app.


Week 2: Places: Town Lake

When I think of fun things to do in Austin, Texas, I think of something that goes with what Texas in known for. We are known for heat, and what goes best with heat?, WATER! Not just any water either, I’m talking Town Lake.
Town Lake is where you can go and hang out with all your best friends. There is paddle boarding, which is really fun by the way. There is also canoeing that helps with learning to use teamwork with your friends, My favorite thing to do on the lake though is paddle boating, It doesn’t matter if you are doing it with your best friend, girlfriend or even your family. No matter what, it is always fun.


The Phantom’s Lair

Cold, dark, eerie, and scary. All the components of the Phantom’s lair. As you walk in, you are overwhelmed with the smell of death. He could be watching you from any where. All the cracks and crevices should be checked.


Pool Day

A perfect day at my house in the pool. Great friends, a great girl and good music. All the things to make a perfect day. It started when we all met together to go to church, we all serve for the little kids at the church. It was a great service and the best part seeing smiles on. The children’s faces as I taught them about the one and only savor, my god

When we got home form church, we all realized how how hot it was and I remembered I had just got a pool. We fired up the music, the grill, and all our fun personalities and hit the water.


My favorite mistake

My favorite mistake was the time that Dylan and I caused a full out war in my house. It all started when I decided to pick up my air soft sniper rifle. It was not a normal day when it happened, we were moving. We had hired a moving company to help us move. We didn’t exactly make things go faster if you know what I mean.

Mischievously I raised my weapon towards the worker. I was about to let 1200 feet per seconds of pure plastic justice. I exhaled then, we heard and I felt a BOOOM!!!!. It struck him and the mover dropped the couch and ran after us, but Dylan held him off with a full auto machine gun.

After Dylan’s magazine emptied we ran for our life’s. Unintelligibly I dropped my gun while I was running. The mover picked it up and started to fire back, but he didn’t realize that I had a pistol under my shirt. We fought hard until there was no more bullets to shoot, except for the one I hid in my pocket.

The mover confronted my dad about what happened and my dad wasn’t happy. After my told me that I was in big trouble I figured that I had nothing to lose and I took that one bullet that I hid in my pocket and loaded it and shot one last time.

When my dad asked me why I shot again I boldly told him that I simply just needed to establish dominance.


NBA superstar

My named is Jake and this is the story of how I became a NBA superstar. It all started ten years ago when I tried out for the 8th grade basketball team.

Ten Years Earlier

I started with free-throws and need to make at least 5/10 free-throws or I would have to go with the kids who were probably going to bomb the tryouts. I went 1/10 and got sent to the loser group. The only chance I had left was if I had good ball handling skills. The only problem was that I could barely dribble. I got sent home that day and I bombed the tryouts. That didn’t break my spirit though. I asked my parents if I could get a basketball hoop so I could practice. They said they’d think about it and they would get back to me.

The next day after school I came home to a awesome basketball hoop. I could not be happier. Even better since I lived in Chicago my parents said that they bought 100 raffle tickets so I could have a chance to get coached by Michael Jordan. I was so happy. In one week time I could be getting private basketball lessons from Michael Jordan himself!
During the couple days leading up to the contest announcement, I was going to school, coming playing basketball till I had to go to bed, then dreaming about basketball. If I won the raffle, I wouldn’t be the laughing stock of school anymore. MJ would make me so go that every girl in the school will come crawling to me. Tomorrow would be the day I hope I will remember for forever.

OH MY GOSH! Five minutes until they announce who won the Michael Jordan private lessons contest. Okay it’s on the TV right now the first number 6 second number 9 third number 0 forth number 5, OH MY GOSH I WON I CAN’T BELIEVE I ACTUALLY WON! Now I get to go down to the ESPN studio and meet him on live television.

When I got there, I showed security my raffle ticket and let me in. I was on my to meet Michael Jordan. When I walked in the studio there he was sitting in a chair waiting for me to come sit down next to him. I sat down and greeted him. Along with the ESPN sports announcers. Then I told them my name and they interviewed my. After that night every Tuesday and Thursday I would be getting lessons from Michael Jordan. It was Monday so I have a lesson with him tomorrow after school.

The next day at school was the best day of school I have ever had. Everyone congratulated me and they even announced it on the PA system it was so cool! That day after school when I had practice with Michael Jordan he taught me how to handle the ball like a boss. Then showed the right way to correctly shoot the ball. I was making almost every basket I had tried to make! I really learned a lot. I can’t wait till Thursday!

On Thursday he taught me how to juke and shoot off balance. I am really getting good he told me. Then he taught me some drills I can do around my house when he not around. All I need to do was practice my ball handling skills and my form. I felt really confidant that I will make the freshman basketball team!

He continued with me over the summer even after the lessons were supposed to be over. We really bonded together, us both being Christian athletes. I went to church him and he continued to get me ready for tryouts. I could thank him more. I owe him so much.

The day finally came for tryouts. He even went with me to tryouts. Everyone was so amazed of him being there. I felt like a celebrity waking in next to Michael. This time I was the only one who went 10/10 with free throws and 5/5 with threes. The coach still cared about my ball handling skills though. He was amazed at my skills keeping the ball. I MADE THE TEAM, YEESSS!!! The first game I scored 32 points and we took the win! It was so exciting. The second time we played I scored 29 point and we took the win again.

One night when I was biking home from a game, I didn’t the car coming and it hit me. I blacked out and when I woke up I was in the hospital with both my legs broken. I wouldn’t be able to stand up for 5 month, but walk maybe a year.

One Year Later

When I could finally walk I felt so relived, but I was not sure I would ever be able to play basketball ever again.
I can’t even remember how to handle the ball or my form. It just seems like a waste of time. Michael thought different, he thinks that if I practice enough I can maybe make varsity team senior year.

After I practiced for 6 months straight I was ready to compete again and even make the team next year…

It’s tryouts time and I’m really nervous, but Michael is here with me so I’m ready. I went 10/10 with free throws and 5/5 with three all I thought was I’M BACK! I made the basketball team and I was doing great I even got a scholarship to play at The University of North Carolina. I was excited to play at UNC once my senior year was over. During my first game I had my best game ever. I had 48 points, 23, assists, and 18 rebounds.
I was on fire! In the second game we crushed the other team 89-8. I had 45 points in that game. We moved on in the season demolishing every team we played we were unstoppable! We crushed in the playoffs and won state we were so proud.
When I got to UNC I started out a center and played pretty well putting up 26 points in the first game. We did pretty good in the second game too. We won 26-2 As the season went on we got even better putting up 106 points in one game, but one game I pulled my hamstring and the pain from the accident started coming back. It got worse and it affected my play, so coach sat me out for a couple of games and put me in physical therapy. My legs started to feel better, but the pain was still there. When the playoffs came around I was well enough to play so coach put me back in. I did pretty well in the first game scoring 22 points. Then we crushed Kentucky, but the next game will would have our hands full, because we will be playing Duke. They are our biggest rivals and wins or losses don’t count because it’s always close.
Before the game started I was kind of nervous about playing Duke. My legs were starting to act up. During the first half I scored 12 points, but my legs were killing me.
In the second half I got charged and my legs just gave out. I could barely get up off the court. I went to the hospital and I was diagnosed with a torn meniscus. Which means I’m out for the rest of the playoffs. It really stunk, but if I had not taken a break I would have not been able to play in the NBA.
In the off season I really worked on bringing my legs back to health. When I got back on the court I really made my legs as strong as they used to be. It took a lot of effort, but it all payed off in the end because we won the National Championship that year! My sophomore year was great, I had good grades and everyone wanted to be my friend. Basketball was really going good for me. We won the National Championship AGAIN!!! I couldn’t believe it! I have a chance at the NBA.
Senior year we didn’t win the National Championship, but we still went to it though. We lost to Texas 49-48, they won with a last second buzzer beater. It was a heck of a shot. They just wanted it more than us. I really need to focus now on the NBA draft. It’s coming up and I’m really nervous, even more nervous than right before we play Duke, because if I don’t get picked then I will be wrecked. Besides, not to be cocky, but I think one of the best players in the NCAA.
When the playoffs finally came around
I didn’t know what to do. I was nice and dressed up, but I still needed a team to join. I thought I was going to have to wait a while. I ended up being the first pick, going to the Miami Heat. They weren’t my favorite, but they were now! After I got all my gear I moved down to Miami. I met a girl at a club the first night I was there and I swear it was love at first sight. She was so beautiful and so sweet.
We ended up getting married and had a kid. We named him Riley. After my best friend since I was a kid. At the first practice I met Dwayne Wade and Lebron James. They were pretty cool. We worked together during practiced. The three of us would be unstoppable.
I could not stop thinking about how much of a powerhouse our team would be.


It came in like a wrecking ball

Am I going to die? Those were the thoughts that ran through my mind when it happened. This is a story of a moment when I thought I lost it all.

It was a normal Friday afternoon, we were all just doing guy stuff and messing around. Tripp and Cole decided to to take a ride in the golf cart. I was just standing there barefoot in the street when it happened.

Through the heavy smell of oil, and the roar of the engine, I felt that scared sensation when it happened. Then, the rotten taste of blood and the metallic taste of the golf cart’s undercarriage. That is when I realized that I had been completely run over.

I felt no pain for a moment, because I was in shock and that’s why I thought that I had perished. Then the shock went away and I looked down. All I could see was blood and bits of gravel. I was then rushed inside to be cared for, but on the way I decided to do a couple squats to make sure that I was going to be ok.

When I go back to that moment thinking am I going to die? It brought me to the other thought, am I going to go see grandpa early? I was the most scared I’ve ever been in my life. I didn’t want to lose everyone I loved. I wasn’t ready. It made me think about what I last said to people I loved. Nowadays I think about each thing I say to someone and make sure it’s something that I would be okay with if it were the last.

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